Sustainability - 
focus on the environment

The harvesting of Calanus finmarchicus takes place in Norwegian waters between April and August, while the copepods are aggregating close to the ocean surface. 

As an industrial company focusing on human health, Calanus AS has a tremendous responsibility to develop sustainable practices, including harvesting under a strong regulatory regime set by the Government. The Company has relevant and very good in-house competence on marine ecology and resource management, as well as on harvesting practices and quality operations onboard the vessels.

Calanus AS collaborates with research institutes and national authorities to develop sustainable and precautionary harvesting. The Company complies with national and international standards of social responsibility (as outlined in NO ISO 26000), and in the relevant areas of sustainable use of resources and protection of the environment as outlined in the Marine Resources Act. 

Additionally, the Company has formalized an Environmental Policy acting as an internal guideline for company ambitions, protection of the marine environment and sustainable harvesting. All employees participate continuously in development and implementation of best practices and company culture regarding clean and eco-friendly harvesting.

The short version of the Environment Management Strategy can be found here.

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