PRESS RELEASE: Norway opens for commercial harvesting of zooplankton


Tromsø, Norway, April 1st 2019.

The Norwegian Government has decided to open for commercial harvesting of Calanus finmarchicus, the small copepod that constitutes the largest renewable and harvestable resource in the Norwegian sea.

Based on a precautionary approach, the quota has initially been set at 254 000 tons per year, which is significantly lower than the potential sustainable yield.

“This decision provides predictability for further investments and puts us in a good position to supply an increasing number of customers with our health- and nutrition products derived from Calanus finmarchicus, says Calanus CEO Gunnar Rørstad. He continues: Calanus As has collaborated closely with Norwegian Authorities and The Institute of Marine Research in the development of sustainable harvesting, and has provided empirical data crucial for the recommendations by the Authorities”. He concludes: “We adhere to the highest environmental standards in all aspects of our operations, and demand that collaborating fishing vessels practice harvesting in a sustainable manner”.

For more information, contact CEO Gunnar Rørstad on phone +47 913 65 942 or e-mail: gunnar.rorstad@calanus.no, or visit the Calanus website www.calanus.com

Calanus As is a biomarine company pioneering harvesting and utilization of the crustacean Calanus finmarchicus, and is well positioned to play a key role in industrialization of the entire value chain for through its intellectual property rights. Calanus As develops functional health- and nutrition ingredients for humans and animals exclusively from this valuable raw material. The Company’s main product is Calanus® Oil, an ecologically sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids for humans.Calanus® Oil has unique composition and has shown benefits like improved insulin sensitivity, reduced deposition of intra-abdominal fat and powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

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