Calanus® Hydrolysate and Calanus® Powder


Our own research and process development over several years has led to a manufacturing process for Calanus finmarchicus, whereby extraction of both oil and proteins can be done in a highly effective and gentle manner, by keeping the natural bioactive properties of the starting material intact.  This knowledge has been adopted and implemented in the industrial production process of Calanus finmarchicus, and forms the basis for several of the products from Calanus AS.  

Two main protein products

The two main products, Calanus® Hydrolysate and Calanus® Powder, are becoming very popular ingredients in formulated starter diets for marine fish and shrimp in aquaculture, as well as in feed for aquarium fishes. The products have also been proven effective in significantly enhancing the palatability of pet food and pet supplements, notably for dogs. 

The natural aquatic starter feed

Results confirm that Calanus® Hydrolysate enhances growth and survival of early life stages of aquatic animal species, which is in harmony with the ecological role of Calanus finmarchicus, as an essential prey in their natural marine habitats. Chemical composition, microbiological quality, digestibility and stability have been characterized in detail. Interesting early results merit further studies on bioactivity of the product. 

Human protein applications

A separate project has recently been initiated to develop functional protein-derived products from Calanus finmarchicus for human applications. Calanus AS has established a cooperation with other stakeholders to use state-of-the-art technology and know-how to develop and manufacture products with relevant properties.

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