Calanus® Powder is a partially de-oiled dried powder derived from Calanus finmarchicus, the most abundant marine zooplankter in the Norwegian Sea and “the natural starter feed” to marine fish.

Calanus finmarchicus differs from other marine organisms harvested today, both regarding its ecological adaptation and biochemical composition. It is therefore the source of novel products with unique properties, including Calanus® Powder.

The partially de-oiled Calanus® Powder is a dry, roseate homogenous powder suitable as an ingredient in aquaculture starter feed and broodstock, as well as in pet food.

Calanus® Powder features an abundance of essential amino acids for fish and shellfish, including methionine, lysine and arginine. Its growth-promoting lipid content is rich in potent wax ester form omega-3s, and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin increases pigmentation in fish fillet and shellfish. The product has high contents of zinc and selenium, minerals that are important for both growth and survival in shrimp. It is also an excellent source of chitin, which acts as a stimulant on the innate immune system of fish and shellfish when supplemented in feed. 


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