Freeze Dried

Calanus® Freeze Dried is a lyophilized dry powder derived from the marine zooplankter Calanus finmarchicus, the most abundant marine zooplankter in the Norwegian Sea and “the natural starter feed” to marine fish and shrimp fry. Calanus® FD is an outstanding protein source and has shown to be an excellent flavor enhancer in marine feed and pet food.


Calanus finmarchicus differs from many other marine organisms harvested today, both regarding its ecological adaptation and biochemical composition. It is therefore the source of novel products with unique properties, including Calanus® Freeze Dried which has shown to be an ingredient with excellent properties with regards to starter and weening feed for larval and juvenile shrimp in aquaculture. The product is a fine, roseate-colored powder with natural marine odor and taste, and besides aquaculture the product also serves as a nutrient rich and highly palatable complete food for ornamental fish.


  • Superior protein source
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • GMO free
  • Pleasant marine flavour


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