Calanus® Complete is the collective term for products that contain whole animals of Calanus finmarchicus, the most abundant zooplankter in the Norwegian Sea and “the natural starter feed” to marine fish and shrimp.

Calanus finmarchicus differs from other marine organisms harvested today, both regarding its ecological adaptation and biochemical composition. It is therefore the source of novel products with unique properties, including:

  • Calanus® SeaFrozen, whole copepods frozen within minutes after harvesting.
  • Calanus® Canned, whole copepods sterilized and packed in hermetic cans.
  • Calanus® Freeze Dried, a lyophilized dry powder of whole copepods.

Products of the Calanus® Complete series are suitable as starter and weening feed for larval and juvenile shrimp in aquaculture, and as complete feed for ornamental fish. Copepods, such as C. finmarchicus, are the starter feed for shrimp in their natural habitat, and thus features an optimal nutritional composition for shrimp in post-larval stages. Calanus® SeaFrozen and Calanus® Canned display excellent buoyancy, and performance benefits include improved survival, growth rate and pigmentation.


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