Calanus AS

– a biomarine pioneer

Calanus AS is spearheading the development of a new industrial value chain based on the marine copepod Calanus finmarchicus – the most numerous animal species on the planet and the largest renewable and harvestable resource in the Norwegian Sea. 

The Company is sustainably harvesting Calanus finmarchicus, using its proprietary technology, and has developed gentle and environmentally friendly biorefinery processes to manufacture its novel products. The Company offers unique Arctic Marine Bioactives – including its “third generation omega 3” Calanus® Oil and the hydrolysed protein Calanus® Hydrolysate, providing functional properties and health benefits to humans, domestic aquatic animals and pets.

The products are made without hazardous processing aids, and contain no additives.

Domiciled in Tromsø - Norway’s largest seafood port and the “Gateway to the Arctic” - Calanus AS is firmly rooted in a community built and sustained on harvesting of marine resources for centuries. Moreover, the Company has developed a strong research collaboration with the neighboring University of Tromsø and Nofima

Last, but not least, we value the proximity to the natural resource itself - found in highest densities just outside the Company’s doorsteps. 

The employees of Calanus AS possess key competencies in marine ecology, biotechnology and product development and commercialization. The company is already profitable due to successful early product launches and a growing customer base, and has a solid financial foundation for growth going forward.

Research and Development

Calanus AS will continue to invest considerable resources to develop its entire value chain from harvesting, bioprocessing, product documentation, regulatory clearance and commercialization. The company has encouraged and contributed to several research projects in the university sector, documenting biomedical/preclinical and clinical effects of our products. Other studies are being conducted or planned in cooperation with national and international academic partners as well as customers. 

Calanus AS is also developing completely new products intended for human use, including marine flavors, dietary supplements and functional food ingredients.

Today, the Company’s main products are Calanus® Oil – exclusively used for human dietary use – and Calanus® Hydrolysate – a protein derived product currently mainly used as an ingredient in specialty feed for aquatic animals and pets. Calanus AS is also developing completely new products intended for human use, including marine flavors, dietary supplements and functional food ingredients. We welcome collaboration with both academic and industrial partners in these areas.


Calanus AS has a portfolio of both issued patents and pending patent applications in all relevant countries/designations, covering the harvesting technology for Calanus finmarchicus, as well as the company’s main products Calanus® Oil and Calanus® Hydrolysate


Calanus AS is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 for “Development, manufacturing and sales of health- and nutrition products based on the marine crustacean Calanus finmarchicus.”

Memberships and approvals

Calanus AS is an active member of regional, national and international industrial networks and organizations of relevance to the Company’s operations.

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