Calanus® Oil is a new and highly bioactive form of omega-3. Calanus® Oil´s solid scientific documentation show that it counteracts diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance, reduces inflammation and increases aerobic capacity.

Calanus® Oil - The New Lipids from the Arctic,  is the natural lipid extract from the small copepod Calanus finmarchicus. C. finmarchicus is the most abundant animal species on the planet, and the engine of the North Atlantic ecosystem. These precious lipids are finally available as a source of nutrients for humans.

The biomedical research on Calanus® Oil is done by independent researchers at the UiT- The Arctic University of Norway and other scientific institutions in Norway and abroad. The researchers are encouraged by the good results. Calanus® Oil has a positive influence on metabolic processes related to insulin handling, fat deposition and aerobic capacity in addition to a powerful anti-inflammatory action.

This video shows how digestion of wax esters and release of fatty acids in the colon activates GPR120 receptors on immune cells, which secretes hormones controlling the metabolism of fat and sugar.

As per 2018 Calanus AS supplies Calanus® Oil to human clinical trials within metabolic health, insulin sensitivity and cognitive function in children.


In comparative studies with classic omega-3, Calanus® Oil has demonstrated more potency, higher uptake and additional benefits, clearly showing that the form of omega-3 is at least as important as the amount of omega-3 ingested.

Whereas classic omega-3s come as triglycerides, ethyl esters and phospholipids, Calanus® Oil comes as wax esters. Calanus® Oil is the only commercially available source of wax esters.

Download the full list of publications here and read more about the research here.

These are some of the benefits that have been documented in preclinical trials:

  • Counteracts intra-abdominal obesity 
  • Enhances insulin sensitivity
  • Powerful antiinflammatory activity through several mechanisms of action
  • Counteracts non- alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Enhances endurance and oxygen uptake


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